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Tax Debt Under $10,000

If you are a delinquent IRS tax debt is under $10,000, I am sure you have noticed that none of the TV gurus wants to help. The tax debt relief companies running TV advertising only want you to call if you have minimum of $10,000 or $15,000. Let me be clear the IRS will try just as hard to collect $500, as they will to collect $5 million. Remember the IRS is an organization of government drones; they are not paid more for collecting more.

IRS agents beat up small tax debtors

IRS tax debt collectors hate tax attorneys, CPAs and anyone else who knows the rules. It is for good reason the IRS breaks their own rules every day. However, they rarely break the rules via the mail, which is for good reason as well. By dealing with the IRS via the mail, you force them to answer your request in writing and as a Federal employee, breaking the rules in writing is a very bad idea. There is nothing like a written document proving to a judge that the IRS has illegally treated you. The repercussions are severe and if you have opted to work as a government employee, you are the kind of person that steers away from any risk. Especially when the thing at risk is easy job  whereby you can never get fired, more vacation days than Paris Hilton, a comfortable pension plan and an early retirement. You See Federal employees can retire after 20 years unlike you and me.

Big Tax Relief Companies Need Big Tax Relief Fees

The reason JK Harris, Tax Masters and Roni Deutch do not want calls from prospects with small IRS debt are financial. Small IRS debt makes it very hard to justify expensive tax resolution fees. These companies' fees start at $3,000 and can exceed $12,000. All those TV ads cost big money and the customers are the ones paying for that. In most cases, the amount of tax relief work is the same regardless of your indebtedness to the IRS.  Simply put the IRS does not have extra work for those who owe in excess of $10,000. Smaller tax debt equates to smaller tax debt relief fees.  After all, no one would pay a tax debt relief company $10,000 to settle $10,000 in IRS debt.

Our eBook is the Solution for Tax Debt is Less Than $10,000

The Ultimate Tax Relief eBook will teach you how to fix your on IRS debt problems via the US Postal Service. The kit is concise; easy to read and understand includes the required IRS forms needed to resolve your IRS tax Debt Issues. At $299, it is very affordable for everyone who owes less than the $10,000 minimum required by tax relief firms on TV and radio. It is your best resource for going it alone against the IRS. Additionally it is at least $2,700 less than the expensive tax relief company fees.


Essentially if you owe under $10,000 your choice is to keep hiding until the IRS finds you or go it alone. They always find you by the way. When you go it alone and have no knowledge there is a very good chance that you will be screwed, blued and tattooed. Our eBook levels the playing field, you will learn how to analyze your case the same way the IRS does and determine the best deal for which you qualify. Additionally you will learn a few tricks that the average tax attorney does not know.